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New Blog simultanously

Just wanted to inform readers that I just started another blog (and no don’t worry ART-aid isn’t going any where I will be working on both simultaneously!) The new blog is called Tech Tid-Bits and the site focuses on internet marketing, through social media, and networking, and web development + design. So if you have a moment stop by… read more

Yet another Website

I’ve just started publishing another – blog this time using the wordpress publishing system. (ART-aid if you’re not familiar with it is published on the blogger platform, in fact the url used to have the .blogspot in it however once my reach became larger I decided to purchase the url domain address). The new… read more

Recently Published Articles

A few recent updates concerning my art, and my continued freelance writing. To keep things on my portfolio fresh and recent I’ve linked to all of my most recent articles: Amazing Gifts for Artist: Christmas Shopping List Ideas, explaining 5 basic gifts that any artist would be thrilled to get!  Flower Arrangements: Discribes the basics… read more


How Exploring different mediums can breath life into your art:     To keep my artwork fresh and imaginative I focus my energy on different mediums (watercolor paint, oil paint, drawing – colored pencil, water-souble crayon, etc) from time to time. Usually I re-visit something I haven’t worked with for a while, so that I… read more

Favorite Video Tutorials

So I personally gain a lot from watching art video tutorials/ demonstrations – either from various different online resources. I thought it might be helpful for me to post links of some of my favorite art video demonstrations.   How in the world did I come up with this post idea? I’ll tell you –… read more

Web 2.0 Information Sharing Resources

Awesome Web 2.0 Resources: for artists, students, and anyone needing some organization  For all of you not quite tech savvy people out I feel your pain. I used to be one of you as a matter a fact. It was only recently, probably within the last year, that I became theinternet wiz that I am… read more

Watercolor Technique Books

One of the best ways I’ve been able to improve my oil painting, and watercolor techniques is to read, read, read up on methods. So to get the ball rolling and to make sure you’re getting the most for your money (and/ or time if you rent from the library) I thought I’d recommend some… read more