Web 2.0 Information Sharing Resources

by Katie Hurley in Resources

Awesome Web 2.0 Resources: for artists, students, and anyone needing some organization 

For all of you not quite tech savvy people
out I feel your pain. I used to be one of you as a matter a fact. It was only
recently, probably within the last year, that I became theinternet wiz that I
am today. SoI thought it might be benefital for me to share some of my best
blogging and internet advice.  There
are soooo many amazing resources out their just waiting to be utilized so why
not become a little more informed on web 2.0 and all it has to offer you.

and delicious are two of my favorite 

websites, and most commonly used interent/
web 2.0 tools . They both

do approximately the same thing, allow you to tag (or
bookmark) websites and record corresponding notes so you can keep track of all
the useful sites you find online (for art or any other categories!). One of my
favorite features of these two sites is that they allow you to search the
“community members” tags for websites. I have found that these two
searches tend to be FAR more accurate and relevant then regular search engines
like google or bing since people are recording information for their own purposes.
you didn’t know web search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, ask.com, etc
return websites based on webcrawlers or spiders that use algorithms to find the
most relevant sites. While this generally is really helpful and 

accurate we all
know that sometimes you get some pretty random sites that pop up in the results
section. I have found that since humans’ bookmark their own personal websites
on diigo delicious etc the information is way more relevant and more
importantly its stuff that most search engines wouldn’t pick up till the 8, or
9th page of search results. So DEFINATELY check these out the next time your
looking for free vector downloads, art tutorials, or inspiration pictures, or
whatever else you need to find try searching through either diigo
great feature of diigo specifically is the ability to highlight information on
websites that you bookmark. You can also create sticky notes to jot down
relevant thought or ideas related to the site.  Below is a or process map I found online that summarzies diigo: 
I cannot express how big of a life-saver
this was for me during my senior year of college when I had an insane amount of
research to do. Diigo allows you to make the most of your time and conveniently
NOT have to waste paper and printer ink. Instead you can copy paste your sticky
notes and / or highlighted portions of the page and print only the important
stuff you need. Volia ! So if you haven’t jumped on the band-wagon and joined
diigo or delicious I highly recommend you at least take a look around the
sites. Who knows it might just be your new favorite site! 

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