Artist Statement

My artwork visually depicts the sights, sounds, and scenery of my everyday life. The emotions and thought experienced during the creation process are also intertwined in this perception of reality.  

Representational art has given me an outlet to freely express myself. Art provides the perfect outlet for 100% freedom, and expresion.  I hope that you enjoy viewing the art. Each painting, drawing, or illustration is a culmination of the emotions, and observations relating to that specific  real life that  felt during creation as well as the realistic scenery that inspired the piece.


My name is Katie and
I am a recent college grad who studied supply chain management at Miami University of Ohio. Although there
is little correlation between art and my bachelors degree I have always had a strong
interest in art. During the past four years in college I learned how to better manage my time and resources so that I could make time for art in my hectic schedule. Studio time to work on new paintings, drawings, or concepts and get better educated on new mediums was hard to come by so I always made the most of it. I also

 managed to increase my knowledge of art by taking one or two classes about art history or technology art

So how does that bring me here typing away on this artists web page/ portfolio/ blog ? Well…with the job market in its current state, and
with my summer job soon ending I thought why not take a
writing a blog. And my subject obviously would be art (specifically art tips, techniques and supplies) because there’s nothing else I’m more passionate about. Seriously after all the time I had to kill at my job this summer I have

to be one of the best read people out their when it come to art techniques and methods!

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