Favorite Video Tutorials

by Katie Hurley in Miscellaneous
So I personally gain a lot from
tutorials/ demonstrations – either from various different online resources. I thought it might be helpful
for me to post links of some of my favorite art video demonstrations.
How in the world did I come up with this post idea? I’ll tell you – I was looking  for a video demo about oil painting en plein air earlier today on youtube.  One would think this would be an easy enough topic to find. I was hoping to watch a quick clip that described what essentials oil painting artist should bring on an outdoor painting expedition. Well let me tell you the search was not nearly that simple. I wound up with 22 pages of results (don’t
believe me check it out
)! Half of these were time lapsed videos of artists painting (something that is really interesting) not not at all what I was looking for. 
It seems like every day there are more and more videos popping up on video hosting sites like: youtube, ehow, veho, and viddler just to name a few. Since there is so much information out their I thought I would share what art videos, tutorials, and demonstrations I have found especially useful. Why waste time sifting through search results when you can browse videos / clips that were chosen by an actual person (vs. an algorithm made by various search engines). Below some of my favorite video tutorials are listed – also if you want to read more about search engine results for video hosting check out the side-note below the list.
Worthwhile Art Tutorial / Demonstration / Tips / Techniques Videos:  

SIDE-NOTE: I took a class on social media, and integrated media studies and we talked a lot about searching online for different stuff (books, articles, sites, videos, etc). One of the big topics was how search engines cope with things like video and audio clips (since unlike most everything else on the web media stuff isn’t composed mostly of words instead it is either audio or video). Since spiders/ web crawlers mainly return search results by search methodically for key words this new media format poses a big problem. How does it cope when the majority of the data isn’t composed of words – therefore searching for the key words as it usually would doesn’t do much good.  The different formatting 

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