Just wanted to inform readers that I just started another blog (and no don't worry ART-aid isn't going any where I will be working on both simultaneously!) The new blog is called Tech Tid-Bits and the site focuses on internet marketing, through social media, and networking, and web development +… read more.

Yet another Website


I've just started publishing another - blog this time using the wordpress publishing system. (ART-aid if you're not familiar with it is published on the blogger platform, in fact the url used to have the .blogspot in it however once my reach became larger I decided to purchase the art-aid.net url domain… read more.

A few recent updates concerning my art, and my continued freelance writing. To keep things on my portfolio fresh and recent I've linked to all of my most recent articles: Amazing Gifts for Artist: Christmas Shopping List Ideas, explaining 5 basic gifts that any artist would be thrilled to… read more.